Alexa Von Suess

14k She-Wolf Roman Coin Necklace - 330 AD


There are few more iconic ancient Roman coins that a collector can own than this beautiful, historically significant and symbolically rich coin minted under Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

It was handed out at the consecration ceremony of Constantinople in 330AD, the design chosen for this coin was specifically intended to increase Roman pride. Unusually, the Emperor's portrait did not appear on the coin, but rather the bust of Roma - the Goddess of Rome. On the front is a female wolf nursing a pair of humans meant to symbolize the mythical creation of Rome.

We kept this piece simple by wrapped the coin in 14k gold and framed it with a minimalist prong setting. Hung on a stylish mini paperclip chain.

The Details:

  • Solid recycled 14k yellow gold.
  • Center coin is a stunning 1" bronze Follis from the Roman Empire.
  • Chain is a 16" elongated paperclip chain.
  • Modern minimalist four prong setting.
  • Comes in a a stylish gift box with care instructions and a polishing cloth.
  • Ships FREE Fedex Express.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity for your records. Valuation certificate available on request.

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