Alexa Von Suess

Roman Sestertius Coin Necklace - 200 AD - One of a Kind


In antiquity. Carry a piece of the past with you with this stunning oversized roman coin necklace.

This large Brass version of the Sestertius was first minted in 23 A.D. in a coin reform initiated by Emperor Augustus. This brass Sestertius weighs in the region of 26 grams, is around 1.25" in diameter and about a fifth inch thick. The sestertius was produced as the largest brass denomination until the late 3rd century AD. Most were struck in the mint of Rome from 64 AD 64 during the reign of Nero.

We set this unique oversized centuries-old piece in sterling, accented it with little silver granules, and hung it on a heavy rounded box chain. This necklace could be worn by men, women, or anyone in between that loves big unique jewelry. A true statement piece.

The Details:

  • Solid recycled sterling silver.
  • Classic high polish finish.
  • Genuine Brass Sestertius Roman coin - minted between 23 BC and 275 AD
  • Pendant is approx 1.5" large.
  • Chain is adjustable from 16-20" long.

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