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Roman Silver Denarius Coin Necklace - 110 AD - One of a Kind

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In antiquity. Carry a piece of the past with you with this stunning roman coin necklace. The coin is a genuine Roman silver piece was minted between 97 AD and 117 AD and features the bust of Emperor Trajan - a philanthropic ruler and a successful soldier-emperor who led the Roman Empire to its greatest territorial extent by the time of his death.

The Roman Silver Denarius is among the most iconic and sought coins in the eyes of ancient coin collectors. The denarius is a small coin, about the size of an American nickel, and had the value of 10 asses, indicated by the roman root word dēnī, or “containing ten”. The coin was considered by scholars to be Rome’s main coin, until it was replaced by the Antoninianus coin in the early 3rd century AD, a coin of reduced silver content.

We set this unique centuries-old piece in sterling and hung it on a modern sterling silver round link chain.

The Details:

  • Solid recycled sterling silver.
  • Oxidized finish.
  • Genuine Roman Denarius silver coin - minted between 97 AD and 117 AD
  • Pendant is approx 0.75" large.
  • Chain is adjustable from 20-22" long.

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