Alexa Von Suess

Trilobite Fossil Era Necklace - One of a Kind


In antiquity. Carry a piece of the past with you with this stunning fossil necklace.

Trilobites, exclusively marine animals, first appeared about 542 million years ago, when they dominated the seas. Some trilobites were active predators, whereas others were scavengers. Some trilobites grew to large size; Paradoxides harlani, which has been found near Boston in rocks of the Middle Cambrian Epoch (521 million to 501 million years ago), grew to be more than 18 inches in length!

We wrapped this genuine trilobite fossil in a simple frame of sterling silver with exaggerated square claws for a true genderless look. Hung on heavy sterling chain with an extender for flexibility. 

Sterling silver and trilobite fossil. Chain is adjustable 16-19". Pendant is approx 2" x 1" with bail. 

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