Hand Carved Large Green Garnet Skull

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Though commonly called "African Jade," this green stone is a variety of Glossularite Garnet and is not related to traditional jade stone. Showing deep tones of green, tan, and brown, this unique variety of garnet is only found in Barberton, South Africa. There are no other known resources worldwide today. 

Spiritually, if your goal is to be more focused and organized, green garnet is a perfect stone to have around. When a person needs to find a quick way to resolve a problem, it can be helpful in showing the most effective solution. Green garnet is said to provide a wearer with knowledge from our collective ancestors. This wisdom can be helpful in giving us the courage and strength that's needed in our everyday lives, 

This skull is beautifully carved and polished with unique coloring. A great addition to any collection. 

You will be getting the exact green garnet skull pictured (other skulls not included.) This item is discounted slightly due to a small chip on the right eye socket. Because this is a sale item, it is not eligible for exchange or return.

This skull measures approx 3" x 5" x 4". 3lbs, 4oz. 

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