Namibian Cognac Fluorite Points


This unique cognac fluorite features the gorgeous banding of typical fluorite mixed with the warm cognac color of smoky quartz. A darker and slightly more mysterious hue.

Fluorite is the only mineral that has four directions of cleavage (breaking habits,) usually forming in the shape of an octahedron. Pure fluorite is colorless, receiving its coloring from impurities. Because of this, its range of hue is truly limitless and oftentimes forms in striking bands. These cut and hand-polished fluorite points feature bands of varying hues of purple, yellow, and brown.

Fluorite is known as an excellent focusing stone that can help stabilizes the emotional environment and increase thought and concentration. Fluorite can encourage organization, giving structure to concepts and ideas while stirring creativity by opening the mind to new possibilities. 

You will be getting the exact crystal(s) pictured. 

A: 3.5" tall.

B: 3.5" tall.

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