Common Ground

Pink Amethyst Druzy Tower


A relatively new find on the market, pink amethyst confounded those who first found it. It's just rose quartz, right? Nope! Pink amethyst was only discovered very recently in a deposit in Patagonia, Argentina. Amethyst becomes pink as a result of inclusions of hematite within the crystalline structure during its long formation. It's considerably rarer than its typical purple counterpart and is now considered a collector item. 

Spiritually, pink amethyst increases intuition and gives the bearer an almost uncanny "motherly" sense. It is also known to provide comfort during sadness or grief, allowing healing and calm.

This tower is cut and polished to display its gorgeous druzy crystal structure. It will sit nicely on your bookshelf, display, or desk. 

You will be getting the exact crystal pictured in the FIRST image. It measures approx 2.5" x 1.75" x 5.5" and weighs 1lb, 8oz.  

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