Alexa Von Suess


In this one hour lecture, we’re going to explore the different ethical challenges involved in the jewelry industry.  

Ever been curious about De Beer’s monopoly on diamonds? Ever wonder if lab diamonds are really better than mined diamonds? This is the perfect chat for people interested in the three facets of ethics - economic, environmental, and social. GIA (Gemology Institute of America) certified goldsmith Alexa Suess will give you tips on what to look for when exploring ethical jewelry and how to purchase key items in your life like engagement rings or future family heirlooms in a moral fashion.


This is a donation based event. Any funds raised for this lecture will be donated to the Toolbox Initiave, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that sends new or gently used tools to metalsmiths in West Africa.
A jeweler in West Africa will typically own a hammer, pliers or tweezers and a few other odds and ends that they keep in a handmade toolbox. They must rely on their ingenuity because commercial tools are rarely available. The Toolbox Initiative aims to address that imbalance. To read more about this program, please visit:
We are currently running at half capacity for all workshops and lectures to increase the opportunity for social distancing. You will be required to wear a mask through the duration of this lecture. Please note that you may end up in close quarters with another person should you have to pass one another in our narrow space. If you are uncomfortable with any of the above, PLEASE refrain from signing up. There will be more opportunities to learn! We promise! 
This will be an approx 90 minute event. Lecture location: Orenda, 29 Front St Greenport, NY 11944

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