Alexa Von Suess

Opal Wood Wrack Line Pendant - One of a Kind


"Wrack line"; def: a coastal feature where organic material (e.g kelp, seagrass, shells) and other debris are deposited at high tide. 

This lovely piece of opalized wood from peru reminded us of the tidal pools and wrack lines of Long Island. Flowing tones of blue and green are punctuated with little inclusions of taupe and charcoal. 

We set this piece of opalized wood in a textured frame of shimmering sterling and hung it on a light and airy chain. 

Spiritually, Peruvian wood opal reduces stress and helps the wearer approach the future with a heightened sense of tranquility. This opal from the Andes is associated with the heart chakra.

Sterling silver and Peruvian opalized wood. Chain is 16" long with a swivel lobster clasp. Stone is approx 2" x 1". 

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