Susan Pridham

Aquamarine Night Serpent Earrings - One of a Kind


Serpents are an age old symbol of evolution and the never ending cycle of life. Since ancient Mesopotamia, snake jewelry was worn during times of change and transformation. It can be tough to learn to shed our skin, but snakes remind us that we can, and we must.

These meandering snakes are finished with a soft brushed matte finish and accented with faceted droplets of aquamarine. 

Spiritually, aquamarine is known to be a stone of courage.  Its calming energies can help reduce stress and quiet the mind. Can clarify perception and sharpen the intellect. Used in ancient times by mariners when embarking on long, treacherous journeys across the sea.

The Details:

  • Solid recycled sterling silver.
  • Genuine aquamarine.
  • Comfortable fish hook earwires.
  • Modern matte finish. 
  • Approx 2.25" in length.
  • Light to moderate weight.

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