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Baltic Amber + Sterling Malta Necklace - One of a Kind

Sale price$210.00 USD

Amber belongs to a small class of organic gems, neither a crystal nor a mineral, but a biological product of nature, a protective resin that oozed from living trees in dense, prehistoric forests and fossilized over millions of years. Baltic amber specifically is known to be some of the highest grade and oldest amber in the world. Its distinct deep orange color glows beautifully. 

We set this absolutely stunning teardrop cut Baltic amber in a protective silver bezel setting and hung it on a glittering layered mixed chain. Adjustable in length so you can wear it with pretty much everything. 

Spiritually, amber is highly prized for its grounding properties as it's known to help stabilize and encourage creativity.

The Details:

  • One of a Kind
  • Solid recycled sterling silver.
  • Genuine teardrop cut baltic amber.
  • Mixed chain design. 
  • High polished finish. 
  • Chain is adjustable from 17" to 20". 
  • Pendant is approx 2" large. 

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