Common Ground

Blue Onyx Mushroom


This gorgeous material is relatively new on the market and is only mined in Argentina. It's known as many names - blue onyx, lemurian aquatine, and aquatine chalcedony. In reality, this material is not onyx at all but a combination of calcite and blue chalcedony. Cut and polished into a little mushroom and ready for display.

Spiritually, blue onyx is known as a stone of immense intuition. It encourages trust, ridding fear, anxieties, and lessening hesitation. 

You will receive one (1) blue onyx mushroom. These mushrooms are approx 2" large. Each piece is completely natural and free of dyes or synthetics. Each is one of a kind in size and shape. Note that these things will vary from stone to stone. We promise to pick a beautiful piece just for you.

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