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Indian Botryoidal Thomsonite Specimen


Absolutely one of the most interesting specimens we've ever had in our collection. Thomsonite is created from lava flows of the Keweenawan Period, over 600 million years ago.

Thomsonite is one of the rarer zeolites. It forms tight acicular radiating clusters and sphericules as well as some blockier crystals and is found in the vesicles or bubbles of volcanic rock, as are most other zeolites. It's pure white but - like this specimen shows - can also feature a brilliant orange color. 

You will be getting this exact specimen. It measures approx 2.25" x 3" x 2" and weighs in at 6.2oz with the black plastic base. 

Note: this piece is exceptionally fragile and should be rarely handled. This specimen is permanently mounted on its black stand and comes with a clear box cover for safe shipment and handling. 

Ready to ship! (What does that mean? Check our FAQ to find out...)

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