Alexa Von Suess

Montana Agate Yellowstone Earrings - OOAK


These very special stones are all American. We captured these agates mined in Montana in classic bezel settings and hung from comfortable earwires. Great for everyday wear.  

Ranging from a rich yellow to a rusty red or creamy white, Montana Agate looks as though it's been implanted with diverse forms of moss. In reality, Montana Agate, which comes from the regions of the Yellowstone River, was formed when the bowels of the Yellowstone bulged and roared and flowed mountains of lava that decimated thousands of acres of mighty redwoods and sequoias for hundreds of miles around. When the time of volcanoes and lava was subdued and the rains came, mineral-laden silica-water flowed into the cavities and pockets left by the dying trees and bubbling lava. As flow after flow slowly filled the pockets with liquefied silica, Montana Agate was born.

Sterling silver and Montana agate. 2" in length. 

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