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Mundrabilla Australian Meteor Specimen

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The original Mundrabilla meteorite was found in Western Australia in 1911 but is thought to have fallen to earth during prehistoric times. The meteorite was studied by NASA in 2002 where they found natural alloy formations of the iron sulphide and iron nickel. It also contained an impressive number of reduced extraterrestrial compounds that are currently not categorized.

Mundrabilla meteorites are considered very rare because the hunting ground is now protected under law. The specimens already on the market are the only ones available.

This piece of meteorite is perfect for your collection. It has been cut and polished to show its gorgeous iron patterning and included in an authentication card and a custom magnetic lucite stand for it to be displayed on.

Because this specimen consists of primarily iron, we recommend keeping this specimen in a collector's case or cabinet where it will not be subjected to moisture.


  • You will be getting the exact specimen pictured. It is cut but is otherwise untreated.
  • Found in Australia.
  • Weighs approx 0.80 oz
  • Measures approx 1.50" x 1.50" x 0.50"
  • Magnetic lucite stand is included.
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