Vintage Zuni Gaspeite Cluster Cuff


A simply stunning lightweight gaspeite "needlepoint" Zuni cluster cuff.

This cuff features 44 hand cut pieces of gaspeite wrapped in serrated bezels and arranged into a classic cluster design with a matte finish.  The Zuni tribe is known for their exceptional Lapidary craftsmen.  They started cutting Turquoise into needle shaped stones about the 1920-1930 period and called it Needlepoint. 

Gaspeite is an extremely rare nickel carbonate mineral, which belongs to the calcite group of minerals. It is typically pale green to bright apple-green in color, often accompanied by brownish veins of rock that run through the material at various depths. Most gem-quality specimens available today are sourced from New Mexico.

This beautiful vintage sample of Zuni jewelry is in excellent condition.

Sterling silver and gaspeite. Women's size small-medium. Cuff is 5.5" long with 1.25" space. This cuff can be safely squeezed to be slightly larger or smaller. 

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