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Common Ground


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our studio meticulously crafts jewelry that's as unique as you are. from classic heirlooms to wearable art, we make beautiful and durable talismans that will become a part of your every day ritual.

meet the maker


In an unexpected twist, Susan started making jewelry over two decades ago while working in aeronautical electronics. After launching her popular Greenport jewelry shop ‘Blue Ruth’ in 2008, she developed a style inspired by storytelling, ritual, & historical adornments. Her infatuation with color & symbolism is evident in every piece that she makes.

When she’s not creating jewelry, you can find her weaving textiles and watching Tarantino movies.

meet the maker


Alexa was born & raised in Greenport and moved to the jewelry industry after embracing a lifelong obsession with making things. She is certified by the Gemological Institute of America & her style mixes new CAD technology with ancient goldsmithing techniques.

When she’s not at her jeweler’s bench, you can find her rock climbing, fiddling with her rare plant collection, or cooking up a far-too-complicated recipe.

want to learn something new? tap here to check out our jewelry workshops where you can learn silversmithing, stone setting, and more!

always made of solid recycled metals

never filled or plated