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Sold outIndian Rhodochrosite Slice SpecimenIndian Rhodochrosite Slice Specimen
Himalayan Quartz SpecimenHimalayan Quartz Specimen
Save $100.00Large Dominican Larimar Sphere SpecimenLarge Dominican Larimar Sphere Specimen
Common Ground
Large Dominican Larimar Sphere Specimen Sale price$420.00 USD Regular price$520.00 USD
Mini Utah Topaz SpecimenMini Utah Topaz Specimen
Mini Utah Topaz SpecimenMini Utah Topaz Specimen
Flower Agate Hand Carved FishFlower Agate Hand Carved Fish
Agate Druzy MoonAgate Druzy Moon
Common Ground
Agate Druzy Moon Sale price$32.00 USD
Mini Iridescent Ammonite FossilMini Iridescent Ammonite Fossil
Carnelian Mini MoonCarnelian Mini Moon
Common Ground
Carnelian Mini Moon Sale price$13.00 USD
Large Indonesian Grape Amethyst SpecimenLarge Indonesian Grape Amethyst Specimen
Hand Carved Chevron Amethyst SkullHand Carved Chevron Amethyst Skull
Dendritic Opal Palm StoneDendritic Opal Palm Stone
Caribbean Calcite Mini SphereCaribbean Calcite Mini Sphere
Lemon Calcite Mini SphereLemon Calcite Mini Sphere
Sold outMoroccan Vanadinite + Barite SpecimenMoroccan Vanadinite + Barite Specimen
Crazy Lace Agate Palm StoneCrazy Lace Agate Palm Stone
Aquamarine Palm StoneAquamarine Palm Stone
Amethyst Soy Candle - Lavender + Palo SantoAmethyst Soy Candle - Lavender + Palo Santo
Hand Carved Orange Calcite BodyHand Carved Orange Calcite Body
Orca Agate Palm StoneOrca Agate Palm Stone
Mini Malachite
Common Ground
Mini Malachite Sale price$10.00 USD
Mini Polished Tourmaline in QuartzMini Polished Tourmaline in Quartz
Save $210.0098 Carat Brazilian Green Tourmaline Specimen98 Carat Brazilian Green Tourmaline Specimen
Common Ground
98 Carat Brazilian Green Tourmaline Specimen Sale price$210.00 USD Regular price$420.00 USD
Sold out1590ct Herkimer Diamond Specimen1590ct Herkimer Diamond Specimen
Large Peruvian Pyrite SpecimenLarge Peruvian Pyrite Specimen
Fossilized ClamFossilized Clam
Common Ground
Fossilized Clam Sale price$30.00 USD
Rose Quartz Mini MoonRose Quartz Mini Moon
Small Pyrite SphereSmall Pyrite Sphere
Common Ground
Small Pyrite Sphere Sale price$36.00 USD
Save $2.00Mini Raw PyriteMini Raw Pyrite
Common Ground
Mini Raw Pyrite Sale price$18.00 USD Regular price$20.00 USD
On the Rocks Crystal DeckOn the Rocks Crystal Deck
Rainbow Fluorite Mini TowerRainbow Fluorite Mini Tower
Pyrite Palm StonePyrite Palm Stone
Common Ground
Pyrite Palm Stone Sale price$17.00 USD
Faceted Rainbow Fluorite Palm StoneFaceted Rainbow Fluorite Palm Stone
Save $5.00Sunstone Palm StoneSunstone Palm Stone
Common Ground
Sunstone Palm Stone Sale price$8.00 USD Regular price$13.00 USD
Save $5.00Sodalite Palm StoneSodalite Palm Stone
Common Ground
Sodalite Palm Stone Sale price$8.00 USD Regular price$13.00 USD
Dragon Stone Palm StoneDragon Stone Palm Stone
Tiger Eye Palm StoneTiger Eye Palm Stone
Common Ground
Tiger Eye Palm Stone Sale price$15.00 USD
Crystal Hand DisplayCrystal Hand Display
Common Ground
Crystal Hand Display Sale price$16.00 USD
Tourmaline Soy Candle - Cardamom + LeatherTourmaline Soy Candle - Cardamom + Leather
Topaz Soy Candle - Blood Orange + SandalwoodTopaz Soy Candle - Blood Orange + Sandalwood