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Congolese Chrysocolla + Malachite Specimen

Sale price$120.00 USD

An incredible bubbly specimen of chrysocolla and malachite. It gets its brilliant teal color from its copper content and it's formed into little "botryoidal" bubbles - a classic growth pattern of Congolese malachite and chrysocolla alike. 

Spiritually, malachite is known for helping to access the wisdom of your elders. It encourages rational thought and helps guide one through tumultuous times. Chrysocolla soothes, calms, and inspires. 


  • You will be getting the exact specimen pictured. It is uncut, unpolished, and untreated.
  • Mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
  • Weighs approx 1lb 0.4 oz. 
  •  Measures approx 5" x 4" x 2".
  • Lucite stand is included

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