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Czech Besednice Moldavite Specimen

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Moldavite is a vitreous silica rock that can be found in green and blue-green in color. It was formed by a meteorite impact 15 million years ago and can only be found in the Czach Republic. Etched by force and flame as it fell from space, Moldavite is referred to as a "tektite" or a extraterrestrial glass that's known for its rarity. There was only 264lbs of moldavite ever mined out of the Besednice location where this specimen is from - making it one of a rarest locales in the world.

Spiritually, moldavite is a stone known for big energy and big life changing shifts. It's said to have an intensely high frequency and its extraterrestrial energy can make it a formidable stone to be in the presence of.


  • You will be getting the exact specimen pictured. It is uncut and unpolished.
  • Found in the Czech Republic in the famous North Besednice locality.
  • Measures approx 1" x 0.75" x 0.25"
  • Weighs in at 24.81 ct (4.96g)
  • Includes lucite base.

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