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Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal Specimen

Sale price$50.00 USD

A lovely example of hydrophane opal mined in Ethiopia for a beginner's collection. This stone's "play of color" (ie: the amount of "rainbow" it shows) is good - it seems to glow from within. A bit of sandstone host stone really sets this apart as a lovely collector's piece.

Historically, opal has been regarded as more fragile than most other gemstones and thus have earned a reputation for being unlucky or cursed. Of course, opals are simply beautiful stones ready to be loved but because they are relatively soft compared to some other gems also means it can scratch quite easily. It's important to care for your opals and handle them gently.

Spiritually, opal is amazing for amplification, hope, and purity.


  • You will be getting the exact crystal pictured. It is uncut, unpolished, and untreated.
  • Mined in Wollo, Ethiopia.
  • Weighs 20.65 carats. 
  • Measures approx 1.50" x 0.50" x 0.50"
  • Includes lucite stand and museum wax to mount upright.

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