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Mini Raw Larimar

Sale price$10.00 USD

An amazing way to add some larimar to your collection without breaking the bank!

Sometimes referred to at the "Atlantis Stone," larimar is a unique type of petrolite that's only found in the Dominican Republic. The gorgeous blue color of Larimar comes from volcanic conditions unique to the Dominican Republic, and thus can only be found there in very limited and hard-to-reach mountain deposits.

Spiritually, larimar is known as a stone of peace, clarity, & love.


  • Includes one (1) mini raw larimar piece.
  • Note that to prevent this soft material from crumbling, these raw pieces of larimar have been stabilized. Each is one of a kind in size, shape, and coloring and these things will vary from stone to stone. We promise to pick a beautiful stone just for you.
  • Mined in the Dominican Republic.
  • Approx 1" - 1.50" large.
  • Includes a card that tells you about the magic and history of larimar.

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