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American Watermelon Tourmaline Specimen

Sale price$190.00 USD

A truly spectacular addition to any rare mineral collection. This beautiful raw rod of tourmaline shows tourmaline's natural color variations. This specimen is of the colloquially named "watermelon" variety as it fades from green to pink to brown.

Spiritually, tourmaline carries the essence of the earth and her plant kingdom. It's conducive to healing, happiness, and setting a clear & grounded direction for the future. 


  • You will be getting the exact specimen shown. It is uncut, unpolished, and untreated.
  • Mined in Mesa Grande, California USA.
  • Weighs approx 21.18 carats.
  • This is a mini specimen - approx 0.75" x 0.40" large.
  • Includes a lucite stand with museum wax to display upright.
  • Due to its light sensitivity, we recommend keeping this specimen (and most crystal specimens!) out of direct sunlight.

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