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Desert Jasper Sphere

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Desert Jasper is a delightful polychrome Jasper mined in Madagascar.  Only recently discovered in 2008 while looking for ocean jasper, this material must be hand dug due to the difficult terrain and conditions. It typically is a mixture of reddish-orange, greyish-blue, and neutral tans, but higher grade material like this shows happy hues of purple, pink, green and yellow.

These spheres are beautifully polished and ready to add to your collection.

Spiritually, desert jasper is known as a stone of action, courage, & truth.


  • Includes one (1) desert jasper sphere.
  • Each sphere is cut and polished but otherwise completely natural and free of dyes or synthetics. Note that color and patterning will vary from sphere to sphere. We promise to pick a beautiful stone just for you.
  • Madagascar mined.
  • Approx 2" in diameter
  • Includes a card that tells you about the magic and history of desert jasper.

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