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Large Indonesian Grape Amethyst Specimen

Sale price$195.00 USD

Grape amethyst - oftentimes referred to as "grape agate" is a form of purple aggregated tiny quartz crystals with a spherical (botryoidal) growth pattern. The name reflects their purple color and how they occur in clusters that resemble bunches of grapes. Scientists still haven't agreed as to whether this is an agate, a chalcedony, or a variety of amethyst but the growth structure thusfar seems to point to amethyst. 

This beautiful example features clear round growth and beautiful purple color. 


  • You will be getting the exact crystal pictured. It is uncut, unpolished, and untreated.
  • Indonesian mined.
  • Measures approx 6.75" x 3.25" x 2".
  • Weighs in at 1lb 7.5oz.

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