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Mini Polished Orthoceras Fossil

Sale price$12.00 USD

A lovely little addition to anyone's fossil collection!

Orthoceras are ancient cephalopods that lived 480-443 million years ago when the earth was mostly covered in water. The name means "straight horn," referring to their characteristic long conical shells.

Spiritually, orthoceras fossils are known for confidence, transformation, and opportunity.


  • Includes one (1) mini orthoceras fossil.
  • Each fossil is cut and polished but otherwise untreated. These fossils are free of dyes or synthetics and each is one of a kind in size, shape, and coloring. Note that these things will vary from stone to stone. We promise to pick a beautiful fossil just for you.
  • Moroccan mined.
  • Approx 1.50" large.
  • Includes a card that tells you about the magic and history of orthoceras fossils.

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