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Mini South African Spirit Amethyst

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Spirit amethyst, or spirit quartz is an unusual variety of quartz that only comes from South Africa. It has one main column of crystal growth in the center and many single terminated little tiny seed crystals that surround it giving it a sparkly glittery look. For that reason, this variety is sometimes called pineapple quartz or cactus quartz.

Spiritually, spirit amethyst is known as a stone of alignment, connection, and harmony.


  • Includes one (1) mini raw spirit amethyst.
  • Each stone is completely natural and free of dyes or synthetics and each is one of a kind in size, shape, and coloring. Note that these things will vary from stone to stone. We promise to pick a beautiful stone just for you.
  • South African mined in the Boekenhouthoek area.
  • Approx 1.50" large.
  • Includes a card that tells you about the magic and history of spirit amethyst.

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