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Labradorite Wisp RingLabradorite Wisp Ring
Sterling Sparkle RingSterling Sparkle Ring
Tiny Sterling Snake StudsTiny Sterling Snake Studs
Sterling Silver Samba EarringsSterling Silver Samba Earrings
Sterling + Pearl Oberon StudsSterling + Pearl Oberon Studs
North Star Sterling Ring - AdjustableNorth Star Sterling Ring - Adjustable
Gemini Sterling + Pearl Ring - AdjustableGemini Sterling + Pearl Ring - Adjustable
Sterling Silver Dipper Earrings - One of a KindSterling Silver Dipper Earrings - One of a Kind
Heart Breaker Sterling StudsHeart Breaker Sterling Studs
Sterling Ouroboros RingSterling Ouroboros Ring
Jasper Soy Candle - Cedar + FrankincenseJasper Soy Candle - Cedar + Frankincense
Garnet Soy Candle - Fir + Tobacco LeafGarnet Soy Candle - Fir + Tobacco Leaf
Topaz Soy Candle - Blood Orange + SandalwoodTopaz Soy Candle - Blood Orange + Sandalwood
Amethyst Soy Candle - Lavender + Palo SantoAmethyst Soy Candle - Lavender + Palo Santo
Nude Body Sculptural Soy CandleNude Body Sculptural Soy Candle
Zeus Sculptural Soy CandleZeus Sculptural Soy Candle
Veiled Lady Sculptural Soy CandleVeiled Lady Sculptural Soy Candle
Hand Carved Orange Calcite BodyHand Carved Orange Calcite Body
Hand Carved Rose Quartz BodyHand Carved Rose Quartz Body
Rose Quartz Mini MoonRose Quartz Mini Moon
Rainbow Fluorite Mini TowerRainbow Fluorite Mini Tower
Save $15.00Fossilized ClamFossilized Clam
Common Ground
Fossilized Clam Sale price$15.00 USD Regular price$30.00 USD
Hand Carved Chevron Amethyst SkullHand Carved Chevron Amethyst Skull
Mini Amethyst SphereMini Amethyst Sphere
Common Ground
Mini Amethyst Sphere Sale price$15.00 USD
Agate Druzy MoonAgate Druzy Moon
Common Ground
Agate Druzy Moon Sale price$32.00 USD
Crystal Hand DisplayCrystal Hand Display
Common Ground
Crystal Hand Display Sale price$16.00 USD
Flower Agate Hand Carved FishFlower Agate Hand Carved Fish
Mini South African Spirit AmethystMini South African Spirit Amethyst
Brazilian Raw Smoky Quartz SpecimenBrazilian Raw Smoky Quartz Specimen
Indian Apophyllite SpecimenIndian Apophyllite Specimen
Indian Rhodochrosite Slice SpecimenIndian Rhodochrosite Slice Specimen
Mini Utah Topaz SpecimenMini Utah Topaz Specimen
Mini Utah Topaz SpecimenMini Utah Topaz Specimen
Small Pyrite SphereSmall Pyrite Sphere
Common Ground
Small Pyrite Sphere Sale price$36.00 USD
Mini Octahedral Pyrite ClusterMini Octahedral Pyrite Cluster
Save $2.00Mini Raw PyriteMini Raw Pyrite
Common Ground
Mini Raw Pyrite Sale price$18.00 USD Regular price$20.00 USD
Brass Atlas StandBrass Atlas Stand
Common Ground
Brass Atlas Stand Sale price$48.00 USD
Mini Polished Orthoceras FossilMini Polished Orthoceras Fossil
Mini Iridescent Ammonite FossilMini Iridescent Ammonite Fossil
Desert Jasper SphereDesert Jasper Sphere
Common Ground
Desert Jasper Sphere Sale price$38.00 USD